Womenkind helps brands strengthen their relationships with women.

We research tirelessly, unearth original insights and transform our discoveries into effective strategy and award-winning campaigns.


Is Marketing to Women a Waste of Money?

For many brands it is. But we're out to fix that. 91% of women say marketers don't understand them. 

Womenkind can give your brand communications a competitive edge with original consumer insights and unique brand positioning. We conduct tireless market research, and transform our discoveries into effective marketing strategy. We create award-winning marketing to women content and advertising campaigns that delight and deliver.

Simply put, we give brands a competitive edge by uncovering the consumer insight that optimizes their marketing to women.

The Principals

Kristi Faulkner, President
"I came up through the legendary boys’ clubs of Madison Avenue, so I thought it was a crazy idea to focus only on marketing to women. But the facts are indisputable. Turns out women fuel the world, if not run it. Yet."

Sandy Sabean, Chief Creative Officer
"It isn’t enough just being a woman to be an expert in marketing to them. We constantly mine for insights, trends and research to master communications that will elevate the conversation to this mega-niche."