How to Optimize A Woman's View Of Your Brand 

What kind of relationship does your brand have with women? 91% of women say that advertisers don’t understand them, so it’s likely that your brand is overlooking a critical aspect that could solidify the connection and motivate women to buy more. Do you know what your Blind Spots in marketing to women are?

There are 4 distinct aspects of a desirable brand relationship for women.

How could the Blind Spot Benchmark help you market to women better?

  • Determine how your brand measures on a woman’s terms: does your brand purpose and brand positioning connect to women consumers?
  • Define your brand’s relationship to women relative to your competitors.
  • Explore which of your brand strengths can be enhanced for women, and how to transform your brand strategy to market to women more effectively.
  • Explore which of your brand strengths can be enhanced for women
  • Reveal how your brand misses the mark in communicating the attributes most important for women.
  • Provide analysis and an actionable brand planning for optimizing how women view your brand. This includes your innovation initiatives, social media strategy, and a enhancing your women’s consumer strategy.