USA vs Europe: Women in the workforce

In 2014, the US saw approximately 72% of women aged 25 to 54 participating in the workforce.

By comparison, that number was approximately 80% for France, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. Sweden had the highest rate of womens workforce participation: 88%.

It seems like USA isnt lagging too far behind the rest of Europe. Whats more concerning, however, is that the figures havent changed for USA for decades. Womens participation in the workforce has been about the same since 1990.

It takes a lot of determination and resources to get ahead of the curve, but even more to stay there. Whether or not the next government encourages more women to join workthrough better family care and maternity care policies, better work-life scheduleswill ultimately decide the economic trajectory of America.

Source: Entertainment and Internet: Womens Spending Power.Needham & Company, LLC. June 25, 2015.