Men + Women = A Need for a New Condom Company

Finally, a condom out to change the world. And get this – not only are Sustain condoms fair-trade certified, and sustainably produced, but their target market is . . . women.

The company is founded by Jeffery and Sheila Hollender, and their daughter Meika. Forbes conducted a very comprehensive interview with Jeffery and Meika. Working on research that 40% of condoms are purchased by women, the family set up focus groups to find out how women made their decisions.

They found that attractive packaging was important — so Sustain condoms are packed in pretty blue boxes with photos of pebbles, bamboo, and sea-shells.

The company is also trying to sell at to Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, instead of the “fluorescently lit drugstore environment.”

There’s been much news recently about how companies selling women’s products are run by men, and need more women executives. Sustain proves how successful companies can be when they bring in the best of both sexes.

Thanks, Sustain for bringing some class to a category that desperately needs it.