GoldieBlox Conjures A "Princess Machine"

What woman doesn’t love GoldieBlox & Rube Goldberg’s "Princess Machine” new spot?

Three young girls are watching a pink, doll-filled ad on TV. They look utterly fed-up.

But a peppy beat picks up. The girls grab helmets and safety goggles, and build an incredibly long and complex series of contraptions that spin, whizz, fall, catapult and lead from one to another. The ad ends with this call to action:  “GoldieBlox. Toys for future engineers.”

Great marketing to women? Yes. But even better is the stereo-type busting, gender-defying go-girl execution: funny, colorful and upbeat instead of didactic, depressing and worst of all guilt-inducing (see Verizon). It shows action and initiative, instead of just girl talk. And it’s just plain fascinating to watch those strings of toys triggering one reaction after another. (Imagine if “Home Alone” featured a girl Culkin instead of Macaulay.)

The one (big) drawback is that I’m not sure what GoldieBlox actually are. I’ve yet to see them in a store and the visual of the toys at the end looked nothing like what I saw on screen.

Wondering if the real GoldieBlox fulfill the promise?