Managing Associates

Janie Curtis

Director of Brand Strategist

“Overcoming female stereotyping to talk to women in their own language has been a key passion of mine. Brands that really understand and embrace this audience through effective women-centric marketing, can see significant gains across multiple audiences, including men.”

Janie has significant experience in the field of marketing to women, and has done extensive research into women’s mindsets and behaviors. She has conducting proprietary studies into women’s buying behaviors, their attitudes towards the environment and sustainability and the nine key factors they look for when evaluating brands. She has helped high profile clients including Miller Brewing, Kimberly Clark, Hilton Hotels and Hasbro Toys more effectively reach their female audiences. Janie has also spoken on key women’s issues at the annual marketing to women conference in Chicago.

Kevin Driscoll

Director of Account Services

“I’ve always felt that the primary mission of a creative agency is to help marketers truly understand and connect with their target audiences. It’s a simple principle but that’s where the great work, and great returns, come from. And, it’s a principle that sits at the very core of Womenkind’s reason for being.”

Kevin Driscoll joined Womenkind in 2011 as managing director of Client Services. He is an account management pro, having been classically trained in marketing and advertising through some of Madison Avenue’s most prestigious agencies and working with some of the world’s leading brands. He helps keep us on task, leading our client engagements on business and operational requirements as well as keeping us strategically focused in creative brief and campaign development.